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Max and Lily’s B’Nai Mitzvah

I’m not one for writing long blog posts because I think that the images speak for themselves.

But, this was special.  My son and daughter shared their B’Nai Mitzvah last week at the most beautiful setting I could hope for since all I wanted was a outdoor ceremony.  Surrounded by our closest friends and their children, Max and Lily had the time of their lives.  At 7:45 a beautiful glow of the last light of the day hit the Freedom Tower and I knew that God, our loved ones looking down on us (Marlene, Eric or Artie) or any Diety that all of us sitting there believed in, had made their presence known.  We really are the luckiest…

Special love, thanks, gratitude and my never-ending gratefulness to these incredible people who did everything in their power to make Max and Lily’s day simply perfect:

Phylis Skolnick

Gregg Mistretta

Danielle Villa

Yehuda Webster

Marie Homsi

Sherri Rosen

Jenna Bottino

Andrew Michaels

Jason Kaplan

Susan Shaber